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PMdistilled PMP preparatory program – frequently asked questions

  1. How much is the fees for this program ?. This program is delivered absolutely free. You are welcome to support this program by making a donation whenever you feel like, so that we can sustain this initiative.
  2. Will this program satisfy the requirements of the mandatory 35 contact hours certification preparation training mandated by the Project Management Institute, USA (PMI)?. Yes. This program satisfies all the requirements of the 35 contact hours training requirement.
  3. Who issues the certificate?. The certificate is issued by the Project Management Research Institute (PMRI).
  4. Do they have prior experience in delivering similar programs?. Yes. PMRI was founded in the year 2005. Since then they have trained more than fifteen thousand project management professionals across the globe for their PMP credential exam. Their students have an enviable 98% pass rate on the first attempt.
  5. Do you provide instructor support for the participants of this program?. Yes, we do. The instructor is available through the contact form or through whatsapp. Participants can also post their queries as comments to the posts. Whenever the topics gets tough, participants can schedule online meetings with the instructors.
  6. What is the duration of the program?. Since this is an online instructor led program, the participants can determine the duration of the program. The total effort required from the participants end is approximately 40 hours. If one can commit approximately ten hours per week, the program can be completed within one month (4 weeks).
  7. Will you provide practice tests?. As part of the course, there are some. We do provide online practice tests as an add on paid service.
  8. Will I have to study the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), once I join this course?. Reading through the 750+ pages of PMBOK is the most difficult task faced my every PMP aspirant. We want to reduce this burden for our course takers. Hence, every effort is taken to reduce your dependency on PMBOK by incorporating the key aspects to the reference material. The course will cover all the aspects of PMBOK, in a much easier way to understand the concepts and remember them.
  9. What are all the reference material provided?. As of now we provide online material, assessment tests and videos. Once you enroll, we will guide you to the correct reference materials available online.
  10. Will you provide assistance to fill up the PMP application form?. Filling up the PMP application is not complex but very monotonous. It can be as boring as filling up your linkedin profile from scratch. When you fill up the application form, if you have any doubts, we will assist you to complete it.
  11. Can I talk to the instructor?. Yes. Contact us

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