Integrated agile project delivery


What are the key benefits of integrated agile project delivery?

Here are the key benefits obtained for a USD 1.6 billion Oil and Gas project which followed Integrated Agile Project delivery;

Project completion ahead of 36 months schedule

90% on time delivery of deliverables

80% deliverables completed within budget

100% quality assurance across all team’s output

80% reduction in errors and rework

Key enablers

Integrated project planning

Multi layered planning (master, phase, look ahead, weekly)

Collaborative tool usage for planning, monitoring and control of distributed development

Availability of project information on time

Exception based management resulting in reduced meeting time

Collaborative team work

Weekly corrective / preventive action meetings

Basic building blocks of Agile

The master plan – The master plan of the project from the start to finish. Very often at the milestone level.

Phase plan – Subset of the master plan which culminates in a major deliverable / deliverable.

Make ready plans / Look ahead plans – Subset of the phase plan with six weeks window

Self-organizing teams – Teams are selected based on the skills required to deliver the output of the make ready plan. The team decides how they are going to perform the work. They collectively sequence the tasks, identify the constraints and dependencies upfront, eliminate them and sees the work progress together during the daily review meeting, and make the adjustments required to deliver on time. This results in smoother work flows, motivation and positive peer pressure to deliver.

Weekly plans – Subset of the look ahead plans

Frequent reviews – Weekly and monthly

Daily stand up meetings

Retrospective meetings

Information radiators

Constant constraint removal

Frequent Forecasting of estimate to complete and estimated schedule date (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Phase, Master plan level)

Key metrics

What can we do?

We will organize an online training (2 hours duration) , conducted by our Agile expert.
Upon completion of this training the participants will;
• Understand the building blocks of agile for engineering projects.
• Know about how these building blocks work together to deliver products with predictability.

Who should attend?
Engineering discipline heads, managers, supervisors, PMO, HR, QA, Individual contributors.

Request online training & demo

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